New Toy

Today I put my new toy to some proper use after receiving my new D3s during the week. I got the D3s after winning the D-Photo competition and selling my D700 along with the prizes I didn’t need. I’m yet to put the D3s through its real paces using its speed, but that will happen soon enough!

I took the opportunity while waiting for Brooke to finish a training run around Mt. Somers, to walk in from the trail end up to Sharplin Falls. I’ve visited these falls a number of times before and I’ve never seen it with as much water as today. This old shot will show you where I’d generally shoot these falls from; completely cut off by a torrent of water today, I was forced to shoot an alternate angle.

Still, fun playing with my new toy!

Wanaka Biking

Some time away in Wanaka, New Zealand. Lots of mountain biking was had, and this section of track inspired me to come back for this pre-visualised shot with the vivid green moss surrounding the track. The rider is Al being closely followed by Tussock the jack russell.

Cover Shot

With my overall win of the Nikon D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year competition… breath… I got my first cover shot!

Probably not the way I thought I’d get my first cover shot, but it’s still a pretty awesome feeling walking into the local magazine shop and seeing multiple copies of my photo in the stands. Pretty stoked really!

Nikon D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year

Well a ton of hard work and time I’ve put into my photography over the last few years has paid off in my first photography competition win! I have been named the Amateur Photographer of the Year in the 49th issue of D-Photo magazine; New Zealands best photography magazine. I won the Nikon Motion category and was short listed in the Landscape category. My motion category win was then put up against all other category winning shots, and my shot came out on top!

Here are my entries into the 5 categories:

Category & overall winner

Category short list





Welcome My Portfolio

Hey everyone.

Well… first post on my new site… what do we think?
Just a temporary site for now while I finish designing the version that’s been inside my head for a long time now. It will be good, but for now this will do just fine!

If you’re interested in using this wordpress theme; it’s called Touchfolio by Dmitry Semenov.